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Currently no concerts planned...

Past Concerts

- UrRock Festival, Senkel Stans

- Russian Tour 2019, Russia

- OpenQuer, Zell

- RedRocks, Basel

- 30 Stunden Festival, Zug I45 with Eluveitie, Hellvetica, etc...)

- Beringen Support for Irony of Fate (CD-Release)

- Mosh Night, Zug I45

- Hitchy's Metal Night, Basel

- Senkel with "Infected Rain", Stans

- Metal Church, Bern

- Treibhaus with"Arcturon", Luzern

- Metal Night Buobendorf, Basel

- Schüür Metal Storm with "Samael" uvm..,

- Planet 5 Mosh Night, Zürich

- Rockbunker, Aargau

- Coq `d` or with "Promethee", Solothurn

- Space Invaders Metal Night, Bibione (IT)

- Planet 5 with "Atropas", Zürich

- Metal Scar Festival, Sedel Luzern

- Metal Boat, Hallwilersee

- Gasshof 5, Zürich Stadt

- Support from "Crematory", Luzern Schüür

- String Break Festival, Horw

- Luzerner Fest Open Air, Luzern

- Bruchbrother "CD-Release", Luzern

- Radio 3Fach Live Stream Show, Neubad Luzern

- Nothing But Metal Festival, Malters

- Soundcheck Open Air, Neuenkirch

- Rocknacht Tennwil Contest Final, Boswil

- Sprungfeder Final, Schüür Luzern (Winner)

- and much more...

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