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End Of Silence, founded in 2008. Three young and purposeful musicians, who wanted to swim against the current and still do it today.

Their way of playing music is neither mainstream nor subordinated to any kind of popular Genres. They strictly resist playing music the way everyone else does and this in a successful way.

In 2011, they were rewarded for it. They won the qualifying round as well as the big final of the "Sprungfeder" Bandcontest at the concert house Schüür Lucerne. Not only a panel of experts, but also the audience has appointed End Of Silence as the winner of the contest.
The money they won, was invested in their debut album "Sky Burns Red". The next band contest in Aargau took place one week later. The won the qualifying round, and in the final round they reached a good rank 2.

For a long time it was quiet around the boys, because the recordings have taken a lot of time and energy.

But then the big CD Release Show in Lucerne took place, in a sold out Location. Finally they were able to present their work to the public, with masses of good criticism. Many Shows on big and small stages, radio interviews and big demands, followed.

Since 2017, the band is under contract with the Italian label "WormHoleDeath" and "Aural Music" and works together with the Swiss management B.V.M.

In early 2019 End Of Silence has released the next album called "Sail To The Sunset", which was recorded at the "RealSound Studio" in Italy. 2019 was a year with a lot of concerts, including a tour through Russia.

The Covid-19 crisis came and forced the whole music world to make a breake. During that time Dan the guitarist decided to leave the band. The other three members decided to go on without guitar and create new music. It took a while, but in December 2023 the band came back with the new song Golden Tears.

End Of Silence, an aspiring band that wants to achieve everything and will never give up.

Bass: Mathe

An excellent musician, with experience in the swiss military music formation. 
But now he decided, to come to the dark side of music.

Drums: Thom

A paramount drummer, who's playing with so much passion 
and hits the double base right in your face.

Guitar / Vocals: Andy

You can't stop this guy, when he decided to start the show. He screams the demons out of his body.

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